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Inquiring after the reliques of former manners, I found that in Ulva, and, I think, no where else, is continued the payment of the Mercheta Mulierum; a fine in old times due to the Laird at the marriage of a virgin.
The allusion to _praefectum mulierum_,[10] rather than _censorem_, would seem to show that in the original γυναικοι ομον had been written; this would prove the Greek play to have been presented while Demetrius of Phalerum was in power at Athens (317-307 B.C.), where he introduced this detested office, which was done away with by 307 B.C. Ritschl[11] has shown clearly enough that the original of the _Bacchides_ was Menander’s Δὶς ἐξαπατῶν.
Senatores in curiam ingredientes mirabantur, quae illa mulierum insania et quid sibi postulatio istaec vellet.

Examples of Mulierum

Example #1
The original of this claim, as of our tenure of Borough English, is variously delivered.
Example #2
Of the ancestors of Macquarry, who thus lies hid in his unfrequented Island, I have found memorials in all places where they could be expected.
Example #3
The fact that Athens, Samos, and Ephesus are at peace, that the Aegaean is not swept by hostile fleets, that one can travel freely between Athens and Phoeis, together with the allusion to Demetrius,[12] lead one to believe that the Δὶς ἐξαπατῶν was written either between the years 316-307 or 298-296 B.C.
Example #4
Euclio’s distress[9] at seeing any smoke escape from his house seems at least to suggest that Plautus may have borrowed the _Aulularia_ from Menander.
Example #5
Lacrimantes atque obsecrantes orant, ut una potius duobus nupta fieret quam ut duae uni.
Example #6
Pervenit ad senatum postridie matrum familias caterva.