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How to use mulikka in a sentence. Mulikka pronunciation.

A rumor had come down to Vlama that one of the people in the snow country had seen a lone specimen of the mulikka.
I served not only the usual products of the field, variously prepared, but as a special gift from the emperor's own stock, a piece of mulikka meat, frozen, which had been found in the northland by some geologists a few years aback.
They had tails, as had our ancient mulikka, save that these were terrific things, as long and as big as the trunk of a large tree.

Examples of Mulikka

Example #1
Now these were but a myth.
Example #2
I was returning from the northland at the time.
Example #3
It had been kept in the palace icing-room all this time, and was in prime condition.
Example #4
Maka and I enjoyed it overmuch, but Edam would touch it not.
Example #5
I know not their names.
Example #6
And moving about in it was the most extraordinary collection of beings that I have ever laid these eyes upon.