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How to use municipium in a sentence. Municipium pronunciation.

The old Sullanian colonists were treated with great severity, and many of them and their children were expelled from their lands, and were thus punished for the cruelty which they or their fathers had committed against the inhabitants of the municipia.
As the riders passed under the city gate, where the golden cherubim that Titus took from the Jews' temple in Jerusalem gleamed in the westering sun, Sextus noticed a slave of the municipium who wrote down the names of individuals who came and went.
Two cities of Britain were municipia, nine colonies, ten Latii jure donatoe, twelve stipendiarioe of eminent note.

Examples of Municipium

Example #1
In like manner colonies were established in Southern Gaul, Italy, Africa, and other parts; I may mention in particular the colonies founded at Carthage and Corinth.
Example #2
Following the unfortunate system of Sulla, Caesar founded throughout Italy a number of colonies of veterans.
Example #3
There was an endless procession now, before and behind, all bound for Daphne.
Example #4
Sextus glanced over his shoulder to make sure that Scylax followed closely and prevented any one from overhearing.
Example #5
This detail is taken from Richard of Cirencester, de Situ Britanniae, p. 36; and though it may not seem probable that he wrote from the Mss. of a Roman general, he shows a genuine knowledge of antiquity, very extraordinary for a monk of the fourteenth century.
Example #6
The names may be found in Whitaker's Hist. of Manchester vol.