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There are two more letters from Philadelphia: one of November, 28th, to Orion, who by this time had bought a paper in Muscatine, Iowa, and located the family there; and one to Pamela dated December 5th.
He took the Keokuk Packet that night, and, flinging himself on his berth, slept the clock three times around, scarcely rousing or turning over, only waking at last at Muscatine.
XX KEOKUK DAYS Orion wished his brother to remain with him in the Muscatine office, but the young man declared he must go to St. Louis and earn some money before he would be able to afford that luxury: He returned to his place on the St. Louis Evening News, where he remained until late winter or early spring of the following year.
At sunrise on the next morning after the wedding we left in a stage for Muscatine.
Whether it has been button-workers in Muscatine, or corset-workers in Kalamazoo, shoe-workers in St. Louis, or textile-workers in Lawrence, whether the struggle has been crowned with success or crushed into the dust of failure, the workers have been heartened to fight the more bravely because of the thrilling example set them by the garment-workers, and have thus brought the day of deliverance for all a little nearer hand.
The little button-sewers of Muscatine, Iowa, formed a juvenile union during the long strike of 1911.
We had not time to go ashore in Muscatine, but had a daylight view of it from the boat.
Then we have Muscatine, ten thousand; Winona, ten thousand; Moline, ten thousand; Rock Island, twelve thousand; La Crosse, twelve thousand; Burlington, twenty-five thousand; Dubuque, twenty-five thousand; Davenport, thirty thousand; St. Paul, fifty-eight thousand, Minneapolis, sixty thousand and upward.
W. F. BOSTEN, 1113 Oregon St., South Muscatine, Iowa. September 22, 1911.

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Example #1
Evidently Orion had realized that his brother might be of value as a contributor, for the latter says: I will try to write for the paper occasionally, but I fear my letters will be very uninteresting, for this incessant night work dulls one's ideas amazingly....
Example #2
In St. Louis a man will sit in the front end of the stage, and see a lady stagger from the far end to pay her fare.
Example #3
For a long time that missing day confused his calculations.
Example #4
It was his mother he was anxious for.
Example #5
He lived at this time with a Pavey family, probably one of the Hannibal Paveys, rooming with a youth named Frank E. Burrough, a journeyman chair-maker with a taste for Dickens, Thackeray, Scott, and Disraeli.
Example #6
Then he had had his joke and gave himself into his mother's arms.