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How to use <n in a sentence. <n pronunciation.

He could reduce all things to acts, And knew their natures by abstracts; Where entity and quiddity, 145 The ghosts of defunct bodies fly; Where truth in person does appear, Like words congeal'd in northern air.
Those Rumps are but the tail o' th' Beast, Set up by Popish engineers, As by the crackers plainly appears; 1560 For none but Jesuits have a mission To preach the faith with ammunition, And propagate the Church with powder: Their founder was a blown-up Soldier.

Examples of <n

Example #1
His notions fitted things so well, That which was which he could not tell; 140 But oftentimes mistook th' one For th' other, as great clerks have done.
Example #2
And, as occasion serv'd, would quote; No matter whether right or wrong, They might be either said or sung.
Example #3
These spiritual pioneers o' th' Whore's, 1565 That have the charge of all her stores, Since first they fail'd in their designs, To take in Heav'n by springing mines, And with unanswerable barrels Of gunpowder dispute their quarrels, 1570 Now take a course more practicable, By laying trains to fire the rabble, And blow us up in th' open streets, Disguis'd in Rumps, like Sambenites; More like to ruin, and confound, 1575 Than all the doctrines under ground.
Example #4
As at thanksgivings th' us'd to do; Each in a tatter'd talisman, 1555 Like vermin in effigie slain.