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How to use náⁿjoj in a sentence. Náⁿjoj pronunciation.

They cleared the ground for the game of náⁿjoj, and brought out their sticks and hoops.
During the day the akáninilis took part in the game of náⁿjoj with those who once jeered at them, and won many articles of great value.
The Navajo asked the Ute where the missing ones were, and the Ute answered that they had passed the Jicarilla on the way; that the latter were coming, but had stopped to play a game of roulette, or náⁿjoj, and were thus delayed.
It was a dance of the náⁿjoj, for the wands and implements of the dance were the sticks and wheels used in playing that game.

Examples of Náⁿjoj

Example #1
Those who remained in camp prepared to amuse themselves.
Example #2
They passed out of sight just before the sun rose.
Example #3
The next morning the men laughed and sneered at them no more, nor whispered in their presence, but glanced at them with sulky or shamefaced looks.
Example #4
When they came out of the medicine lodge they went around among the huts and inclosures of those who were assembled, visiting the wives and the sweethearts of the silly men who had laughed at them in the morning; and everywhere the women smiled on the beautiful and well dressed youths.
Example #5
Shortly before dawn the Jicarilla came and entered the corral to exhibit their alìli or show.
Example #6
This was the Beqai, or Jicarilla.