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Pat was the urchin's name-a red-hair'd youth, Fonder of purl and skittle-grounds than truth.
I will not call his name-a very young lieutenant, a fair, sweet boy, delicate and brooding.
And ever and always Beltane lies deep-plunged in slumber; but in his sleep he groans full oft and oft doth call upon a name-a cry faint-voiced and weak, yet full of a passionate yearning; whereupon cometh sturdy Roger to behold him in the light of the fire, to stoop and soothe him with gentle hand; thus needs must he mark the glitter of a tear upon that pale and sunken cheek, wherefore Black Roger's own eyes must needs fall a-smarting and he to grieving amain.
Yes, yes; it is a fitting name-a good name.
I will not enter into details except to say that I have taken her name-as a means of escape from mine, and its wrongs.
The Prince of Parma and the disunited provinces," said he to the states-general, "affect to consider this war as one waged against me and in my name-as if the question alone concerned the name and person of the general.
A pretty name-a pretty child!
Is there anything more in it than a name-a rhetorical flourish?
But what to the eyes of the world was this inheritor of a vaunted name?-a threadbare, slighted, rustic pedant; no station in the very province in which mouldered away the last lowly dwelling-place of his line,-by lineage high above most nobles, in position below most yeomen.
The sexton he came-Mr Spider by name-a citizen hairy and grey.
The Conciergerie, a historical name-a terrible name,-a still more terrible thing, is inseparable from the Revolutions of France, and especially those of Paris.
Miss Cynthia, she was what they call an Apache, or some such name-a Frenchified sort of cut-throat, I take it to be.
You, I feel assured, will not deem it presumptuous in one who, to that bright and undying flame which now streams from the gray hills of Scotland,-the last halo with which you have crowned her literary glories,-has turned from his first childhood with a deep and unrelaxing devotion; you, I feel assured, will not deem it presumptuous in him to inscribe an idle work with your illustrious name,-a work which, however worthless in itself, assumes something of value in his eyes when thus rendered a tribute of respect to you.
The eldest of them, Cephalus by name-a man who was distinguished from the others by a certain refined sobriety both in his dark dress and in his quiet demeanour-was reading a treatise on algebra; the second, Theophilus, a musician, whose tunic was as bright as his flaming hair, was mending a small organ; and the third, Rufinus, a rather pale, short-sighted, and untidy youth, was scribbling on a tablet.
Our party was further increased by a Sturt Creek boy, Tiger by name-a very smart and intelligent fellow of whom Mr. Stretch was very glad to see the last, for smart boys are nearly always the most mischievous amongst the cattle.
And in this manner there will be found a vice akin to every virtue, and either already known by some particular name-as audacity, which is akin to confidence; pertinacity, which is bordering on perseverance; superstition, which is very near religion,-or in some cases it has no fixed name.
On the morrow, as they were driving to the hotel, Georgians wanted to know whether he called 'this Miss Belloni' by her Christian name-a question so needless that her over-conscious heart drummed with gratitude when she saw that he purposely spared her from one meaning look.
Gautereaux's his name-a whackin' big, blue-eyed French-Canadian husky.
She told me there was nothing, laughed it off and I believed it, like a fool-but that night, Perry-that night, as she slept-and looking pure and holy as one of God's angels, she-cried on a name-a man's name.
Then there were books in many tongues, with rich old bindings and illuminated page, and in them written the dead woman's name,-a name of many parts, with titles of impress, and in the midst of all the name, "Elizabeth Astrado," as she said.

Examples of Name-a

Example #1
Silence, ye gods! to keep your tongues in awe, The Muse shall tell an accident she saw.
Example #2
He would have bound him to some shop in town, But with a premium he could not come down.
Example #3
He recognised me at once and we dedicated some blessed though painful hours to memories.
Example #4
He is, however, a captain in the horse-guards.
Example #5
Forthwith, yet remembering his dream, Beltane opens unwilling eyes and more unwilling mouth and the draught is swallowed; whereupon comes languor and sleep, and therewith, more dreams.
Example #6
Good Saint Cuthbert, I have wrought for him my best as thou hast seen-tended his hurt thrice daily and ministered the potion as I was commanded.