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How to use names-a in a sentence. Names-a pronunciation.

We need your names-a body cannot exist and labor without members.
She always said, "bless mother-and father," with an instinctive pause between the two names-a pause which indicated new realization of the tragedy which had sundered them.
To say that De Soto, the first white man who ever saw the Mississippi River, saw it in 1542, is a remark which states a fact without interpreting it: it is something like giving the dimensions of a sunset by astronomical measurements, and cataloguing the colors by their scientific names;-as a result, you get the bald fact of the sunset, but you don't see the sunset.

Examples of Names-a

Example #1
We need your love-our hearts must falter if we have it not.
Example #2
We need your money-bills cannot be paid without it.
Example #3
She never forgot to do so afterwards.
Example #4
That night, for the first time, she mentioned her father's name in her prayers.
Example #5
It would have been better to paint a picture of it.
Example #6
We do of course know that there are several comparatively old dates in American history, but the mere figures convey to our minds no just idea, no distinct realization, of the stretch of time which they represent.