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How to use names-and in a sentence. Names-and pronunciation.

Friends have said things to me before,-called me names,-and I have stood it.
Of all his names-and there were many more that I picked up from watching him in a summer's outing-"Old Father Longlegs" seemed always the most appropriate.
Mrs. Cayhill could not recollect the title just at once she had a "wretched memory for names"-and went over what she had been reading.
I used to stay awake at night and plan all sorts of pleasant lies that I could tell about the house and the garden, and the way the war ended, and the Presidents of the Confederacy-I made up all their names-and the fuss with which each one was inaugurated, and the dresses their wives and daughters wore.
It is true that happiness can result only by harmony with law, harmony with the Divine Will which is embodied in law-we need not quarrel over names-and the Science of Right Conduct, "by establishing righteousness brings about Happiness".

Examples of Names-and

Example #1
But none of them ever dared call me a palimpsest.
Example #2
He held his massive head between his hands and groaned.
Example #3
There is a suggestion of hoary antiquity about this solemn wader of our lakes and streams.
Example #4
Funny kin' babies dat, eat-um bullfrog; don' chu tink so?
Example #5
Only sometimes, when the thought of the indignity he had laid upon her came over her anew, did she whisper: "How dare you! ...
Example #6
But she followed him, allowed herself to be drawn, without protest.