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Richard thought it just like another. "Do you know," Ralph continued, throwing off the mask and plunging into the subject, "I'd do anything on earth for some names-one or two.
As he heard those names,-one so celebrated in the annals of royalism by the catastrophe which put an end to the uprising of the Chouans; the other so revered in the halls of the old parliament of Paris, -Godefroid could not repress a quiver.
The Sparrow had twenty names-one for every city in which he had a cosy _pied-a-terre_.

Examples of Names-one

Example #1
It's not Mary, nor Lucy.
Example #2
I don't like Mary best.
Example #3
Though you have only been with us one day, I will tell you that in the world Monsieur Nicolas once bore the name of the Marquis de Montauran, and Monsieur Joseph that of Lecamus, Baron de Tresnes; but for us, as for the world, those names no longer exist.
Example #4
His name is Monsieur Joseph.
Example #5
In Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Marseilles, Vienna, Hamburg, Budapest, Stockholm and on the Riviera, he was, in all the cities, known by a different name.
Example #6
It was the habit of The Sparrow's accomplices to address their great director-the brain of criminal Europe-by the name under which they inquired for him.