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But she breathed one or two names-the landlady of the lodging-house, and the servants, especially the nurse.
He listened in silence while Justine ran over the list of names-the Telfer girls and their brother, Mason Winch and Westy Gaines, a cluster of young bridge-playing couples, and, among the last arrivals, the Fenton Carburys and Ned Bowfort.
In the Heart of England. CHAPTER IX. BURFORD, A COTSWOLD TOWN Curious Names-The Windrush-Burford Priory-An Empty Shell-The Kingmaker-Lord Falkland-Speaker Lenthall-Bibury Races-An Old Tradition-Valued Relics-Burford Church-Mr.
Nowadays they are known by many names-the Sierra Chusca, the Lokaeboka, the Carrisco.

Examples of Names-the

Example #1
A certain number of persons had been already taken with him in Purcell's shop, and were now vastly amused by the lad's daring and the ambitious range of his first stock.
Example #2
The handsome, intelligent young fellow, with his out-of-the-way strains of knowledge, with his frank self-conceit and his equally frank ignorance, caught the fancy of those who stayed to talk with him.
Example #3
The names were all familiar to Amherst-he knew they represented the flower of week-end fashion; but he did not remember having seen the Carburys among his wife's guests, and his mind paused on the name, seeking to regain some lost impression connected with it.
Example #4
It was impossible to speak with the same freedom, confronted by that substantial symbol of the accepted order, which seemed to glare down on them in massive disdain of their puny efforts to deflect the course of events: and Amherst, without reverting to her last words, asked after a moment if his wife had many guests.
Example #5
Oman's Discovery-Burford during the Civil Wars.
Example #6
On Battues-Roman Remains-Chedworth Woods-An Old Manor House.