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The Rabbit-Hutch, the Warren, the Burrow-it went by all of these names-was a hapless property that was trying to pay taxes on itself between the ebbing of one tide of prosperity and the hoped-for flood of another.
A boy from the Esker got one of them through the brain, and fell stone dead; two others-we can't mention names-was wounded, and it was well we got them off safe.
The street-Troy has but one street, but makes up for this by calling various lengths of it by various names-was in places so narrow that to avoid passing vehicles they were forced to take refuge in handy doorways.

Examples of Names-wa

Example #1
Centres were shifting, values were see-sawing, and old Ezekiel Warren was waiting for the nature of the neighbourhood to declare itself with something like distinctness.
Example #2
When Ignace Prochnow found himself able to move into the Rabbit-Hutch, he congratulated himself on having made a marked advance in fortune.
Example #3
So there's our night's work for us.
Example #4
He that wishes to have M'Carthy done for was wid us himself, and tould us in Irish to fire at the windy, which we did, and on the instant slop came a shower of bullets among us.
Example #5
I remember him, I wonder?
Example #6
He always wound up by introducing his friend.