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How to use namest in a sentence. Namest pronunciation.

Then answered maiden Else, "Never open I my door, But and if thou namest Jesu's name As thou hadst might before.
I pray thee over-name them; and as thou namest them, I will describe them; and according to my description, level at my affection.
Lend me a spear, and better right hand shall Establish it than all the powers thou namest! LOKE.
I, it is true, am the horrible thing thou namest me.

Examples of Namest

Example #1
Sore hard as the work might be.
Example #2
It was the maiden Else, She was fulfilled of woe When she heard how the fair knight Aagen In the black mould lay alow.
Example #3
First, there is the Neapolitan prince.
Example #4
But what warmth is there in your affection towards any of these princely suitors that are already come?
Example #5
I know thy state of mind and wretched project.
Example #6
A fortune which thy foe himself, which Skulda, Which heavenly and subterranean powers Establish with united strength? HOTHER.