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Napoleon’s demands on Pope Pius VII, 242, et seq.
Orthographie ist schlecht, aber nicht schlechter als die Napoleon’s.
Upon the consummation of this colossal, this unspeakably glorious enterprise—an enterprise that baffled the resources of Roman statesmanship and which Napoleon’s desperate efforts failed to achieve—will depend the ultimate realization of that millenium of which poets of all ages have sung and seers have long dreamed.
Auf gleiche Art billigten in unsrem Jahrhunderte Viele, welche in dem Papste den Antichrist erblickten, den Widerstand, den derselbe der ungeheuren Macht Napoleon’s entgegenstellte.

Examples of Napoleon

Example #1
Nathan and David, 376. Nuptial bond ratified by God, 411. Onias, after death, prays for the people of God, 159. Oracles, rashness of following discordant, 72. Origen bears witness to the spread of Christianity, 31. Original sin, all men born in, 267; Blessed Virgin alone exempted, 267; universal, 272. Pagans retained primitive traditions about sacrifices, 309.
Example #2
Matrimony defined, 408; instituted by Christ, 409; imparts ample and suitable graces, 21. Missionaries, Catholic, wherever English is spoken, 35; Apostolic—sent by Popes, 115. Mohammedanism, rise and conquests, 53; and the Church, 53. Monica, St., requests prayers for the repose of her soul, 216. Morality of Catholic and Protestant countries contrasted, 369; lax among Catholics—accusation answered, 364; Christ’s lessons tend to sanctification, 16; inculcated by the Church, 18; moral law standard of perfection, 18. More, Sir Thomas, quoted on Bible in English, 92. Mormons claim Biblical authorization for polygamy, 88. Mormonism at variance with Gospel, 410. Mysteries, principal, incentive to holiness, 17; proposed by the Church, 17; surround us everywhere, 293. Naaman the Syrian cured, 361.
Example #3
In besserer Stimmung schrieb Wilhelm von Loo aus: +„Nous avons pris deux cerfs, le premier dans Dorewaert, qui est un des plus gros que je sache avoir jamais pris.
Example #4
Il porte seize.“+ - 25. Oct. (4. Nov.) 1697.
Example #5
Upon it will depend the fulfilment of the prophecies uttered by the Prophets of old when swords shall be beaten into ploughshares and the lion and the lamb lie down together.
Example #6
Abdu’l-Bahá Himself asserted in unequivocal language that “another war, fiercer than the last, will assuredly break out”?