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He flung aside his hat as he paced back and forth; his shaggy hair fell upon his shoulders; huge veins stood out upon his forehead-and Nathaniel sat mute as he watched this lion of a man whose great throat quivered with the power that might have stirred a nation-that might have made him president instead of king.
So the whole nation-that is, the reading part of the nation, with some exceptions, for, thank God, there has always been some salt in England-went over the water to Charlie.
From the splendid character, however, which it early assumed under the distinguished guidance of Sir Joshua Reynolds, and from the high and philosophical principles which he at first laid down for the government of the art, there is every reason to believe that it ultimately will rival the celebrity of foreign genius; And it is in this view that the continuance of the gallery of the Louvre was principally to be wished by the English nation-that the English artists might possess, so near their own country, so great a school for composition and design; that the imperfections of foreign schools might enlighten the views of English genius; and that the conquests of the French arms, by transferring the remains of ancient taste to these northern shores, might give greater facilities to the progress of our art, than can exist when they are restored to their legitimate possessors.
Were we to ask, in the language of Pilate, "what evil have they done"-we may search their history, we cannot find that they have taken up arms against our government, nor insulted us as a nation-that they are thus compelled to drag out a life in chains!

Examples of Nation-that

Example #1
He waited for the thunder of that throat and his nerves keyed themselves to meet its bursting passion.
Example #2
His eyes blazed with the fire of smothered hatred and passion and his great voice rolled through his beard, tremulous with excitement, but still deep and rich, like the booming of some melodious instrument.
Example #3
But going over to Charlie was not enough; they must, or at least a considerable part of them, go over to Rome, too, or have a hankering to do so.
Example #4
As for the Tories, no great change in them was necessary; everything favouring absolutism and slavery being congenial to them.
Example #5
There are no pictures of the English school in the Louvre, for the arms of France never prevailed in our island.
Example #6
It is in his smaller pieces that the genuine character of Raphael's paintings is to be seen-in the figure of St Michael subduing the demon; in the beautiful tenderness of the Virgin and Child; in the unbroken harmony of the Holy Family; in the wildness and piety of the infant St John;-scenes, in which all the objects of the picture combine for the preservation of one uniform character, and where the native fineness of his mind appears undisturbed by the display of temporary passion, or the painful distraction of varied suffering.