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In cultivating the pioneer virtues and in promoting health, efficiency, good citizenship, nature-study, and humane ideals no movement for boys has ever held such promise, and the promise will be realized if only Scout Masters in proper number and quality can be secured.
As interesting as fiction, yet holding a wealth of biologic and nature-study information, this is an ideal volume for younger children.
As will be seen from the article on domestic work, the graduate in chemistry has in this a promising field, while the botanist or zoologist and the geologist have the basis on which to specialise in nature-study or geography.

Examples of Nature-study

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Here again the gauntlet is thrown at the door of the church and the challenge is to her manhood from the manhood of tomorrow.
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In all of this outdoor work the program and activities of the Boy Scouts of America are unsurpassed.
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VOLUME I. HEXAPOD STORIES Twelve stories about the six-footed creatures, the fascinating little insects that children see every day.
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Illustrated by Robert J. Sim.
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This, however, usually comes after the preliminary general academic training.
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Whilst well-trained foreigners hold an important place in some schools, modern languages are more frequently taught by an Englishwoman who has lived abroad rather than by a foreign governess; even English, happily, is no longer entrusted to any one not specially qualified.