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How to use navagh in a sentence. Navagh pronunciation.

I vas prisonnier in le nation; not Navagh, but l'Apache-moch de same-pour tree mons.
It may be right, an' it mayn't be right; but if it wur follered out, there'll be neither 'Pash nor Navagh that'll smell where we go for a week.
Them Navaghs is mighty 'cute and not easily bamfoozled.

Examples of Navagh

Example #1
I have les sauvages seen manger-eat-one-deux-tree-tree enfants rotis, like hump rib of de buffles.
Example #2
C'est vrai, messieurs, c'est vrai.
Example #3
If they diz, 'ee may cut my ears off.
Example #4
As Seguin made this appeal, all eyes were turned upon the trapper.
Example #5
They mout sight white skin by moonlight.
Example #6
These consisted mostly of garments that had been plundered from the people of the Mexican towns, and were of all cuts and colours.