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How to use navajoa in a sentence. Navajoa pronunciation.

It is the town of Navajoa!
After a four days' journey, painful even to be remembered, we re-entered the valley of Navajoa.
They had seen hair like ours oftentimes upon their Mexican captives; but, beyond a doubt, Barney's was the first red poll that had ever been scratched in the valley of Navajoa.

Examples of Navajoa

Example #1
Our eyes were directed upon it with eager gaze.
Example #2
Out of this forest the stream appears to issue; and upon its banks, near the border of the woods, we perceive a collection of strange pyramidal structures.
Example #3
The other captives, along with the great caballada, had arrived before us; and we saw the plundered cattle scattered over the plain.
Example #4
As we approached the town, we were met by crowds of women and children, far more than we had seen on our former visit.
Example #5
Darkness came on at length, and the squaws returned to the village, leaving us in charge of the guards, who all the night sat watchfully beside.
Example #6
For a long time the Indian women and children clustered around us, each in turn minutely examining the head of our comrade.