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How to use neertheless in a sentence. Neertheless pronunciation.

Here enter not base pinching usurers, Pelf-lickers, everlasting gatherers, Gold-graspers, coin-gripers, gulpers of mists, Niggish deformed sots, who, though your chests Vast sums of money should to you afford, Would ne'ertheless add more unto that hoard, And yet not be content,-you clunchfist dastards, Insatiable fiends, and Pluto's bastards, Greedy devourers, chichy sneakbill rogues, Hell-mastiffs gnaw your bones, you ravenous dogs.
Yet ne'ertheless I suffer; hourly teased Less by a body than a mind diseased, No ear have I to hear, no heart to heed The words of wisdom that might serve my need, Frown on my doctors, with the friends am wroth Who fain would rouse me from my fatal sloth, Seek what has harmed me, shun what looks of use, Town-bird at Tibur, and at Rome recluse.
Though here I'm kept administering relief To my poor Lamia's broken-hearted grief For his lost brother, ne'ertheless my thought Flies to my woods, and counts the distance nought.
While, ne'ertheless, I draw a line between Mirth and excess, the frugal and the mean.
The aspiring bard who served the tragic muse, A paltry goat the summit of his views, Soon brought in Satyrs from the woods, and tried If grave and gay could nourish side by side, That the spectator, feasted to his fill, Noisy and drunk, might ne'ertheless sit still.
He who knows nought of games abstains from all, Nor tries his hand at quoit, or hoop, or ball, Lest the thronged circle, witnessing the play, Should laugh outright, with none to say them nay: He who knows nought of verses needs must try To write them ne'ertheless.

Examples of Neertheless

Example #1
The hungry gut, like a button.
Example #2
The almonds, like a telescope.
Example #3
Then ask him how his health is, how he fares, How prospers with the prince and his confreres.
Example #4
Health to friend Celsus-so, good Muse, report- Who holds the pen in Nero's little court!
Example #5
Each blames the place he lives in: but the mind Is most in fault, which ne'er leaves self behind.
Example #6
But I'm consistent with myself: you know I grumble, when to Rome I'm forced to go.