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How to use negotio in a sentence. Negotio pronunciation.

Quanquam quod ad gallias nostras attinet, bona nobis spes est, adiutore Christo, abominandas omnes hæreses, è regno Christianissimo, intra paucos dies, ablegandas esse. Non enim defuit hactenus negotio fidei promouendo, hæresum[que] extirpationi rex noster Franciscus re, & cognomẽto Christianissimus.
Nonne in concessu talium virorum, quales estis Academici, tenentur ac minimo negotio constringuntur?
This miracle provoked the king to exclaim, Vere B. Martinus est bonus in auxilio, sed carus in negotio.
She was _saevo laeta negotio_, like that fickle goddess Horace describes, and of whose “malicious joy” a great poet of our own has written so nobly—who, famous and heroic as he was, was not strong enough to resist the torture of women.

Examples of Negotio

Example #1
Qui qua est, & fuit semper in Christum eiúsque sponsam ecclesiam insigni pietate & obseruantia, non destitit vnquam ecclesiæ partes tueri.
Example #2
Neque potuit vel minimùm quippiam, ab ecclesiæ placitis diuelli, quin potius vt pestem Lutheranã, omnium quæ fuerũt vnquam pestilentissimam, è sui regni finibus propellere.
Example #3
Cum his ego timeam pro fide catholica disputare, qui pessima fide voces non humanas, sed aethereas tractavere?
Example #4
Qui sic agunt, nonne se produnt?
Example #5
He wished to redeem his war-horse by the gift of one hundred pieces of gold, but the enchanted steed could not remove from the stable till the price of his redemption had been doubled.
Example #6
After the Gothic victory, Clovis made rich offerings to St. Martin of Tours.