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How to use neil in a sentence. Neil pronunciation.

There was no alarm in his voice and Nathaniel caught the flashing gleam of white teeth as Neil smiled grimly back at him, running in the lead.
A dozen rods up the path Neil turned into a dense thicket of briars and underbrush and for ten minutes they plunged through the pathless jungle.
As they came out upon an old roadway the captain stripped off his coat and Neil thrust himself into it as they ran.
They had traveled a mile through forest unbroken by path or road when Neil halted on the edge of a little stream that ran into a swamp.
There was no excitement in Neil's voice as he stood erect.
He reached out, dazed by what he had heard and with both hands seized Neil's arm.
After a moment the clenched fist that had risen above Neil's head dropped to his side.
Neil stood as though appalled by his companion's incomprehension.
He looked squarely into Neil's eyes.
Neil gazed at him in astonishment.
Why-" Neil interrupted him with a cry so poignant in its wretchedness that the last question died upon his lips.
But Marion-" Nathaniel crushed Neil's hand in both his own and his eyes betrayed more than he would have said.
They looked into each other's face, Nathaniel with all the eagerness of the passion with which Marion had stirred his soul, Neil half doubting, as if he were trying to find in this man's eyes the friendship which he had not questioned a few minutes before.
He went and sat down beside Neil.
When he spoke of the girl as he had seen her through the king's window, and of her appealing face turned to him at the jail, his voice trembled with an excitement that deepened the flush in Neil's cheeks.
He sprang to his feet and stood before Neil, his whole being throbbing with the emotions which had been awakened within him.
On my knees I have pleaded with her, and once she flung her arms round my shoulders and said, 'Neil, I can not tell you why I am marrying Strang.
Nathaniel thrust his hand into a pocket of the coat he had loaned to Neil and drew forth his pipe and tobacco pouch.
Neil, I am ashamed of you!
At Nathaniel's astonishing words Neil stood as though struck suddenly dumb.

Examples of Neil

Example #1
From the man's eyes the master of the _Typhoon_ had sized up his companion as a fighter.
Example #2
The smile-daring, confident, and yet signaling their danger-assured him that he was right, and he followed close behind without question.
Example #3
Now and then Nathaniel saw the three red stripes of the whipper's lash upon the bare shoulders of the man ahead and to these every step seemed to add new wounds made by the thorns.
Example #4
Even in these first minutes of their flight Nathaniel was thrilled by another thought than that of the peril behind them.