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How to use nemine in a sentence. Nemine pronunciation.

The foregoing Report was accepted in the Meeting, Nemine Contradicente, and ordered to be recorded in the Town's Book, as the Sense of the Inhabitants of this Town.
Hieronymus vero Pragensis furtim venit Constantiam, protectus a nemine; deprehensus comparuit, peroravit, habitus est perbenigne, liber abiit quo voluit, sanatus est, haeresim eiuravit, relapsus est, exustus est.
As this, in other phraseology, implies that "God only knows how she died," it was agreed to _nemine contradicente_, and gave universal satisfaction.
Bent moved towards the saloon, and we all followed, _nemine dissentiente_.

Examples of Nemine

Example #1
It was also Voted, That said Report be printed in the several News-Papers, and that the Committee of Correspondence be directed to transmit a printed Copy thereof to such Towns and Districts as they have or may correspond with.
Example #2
That because THEIR consequent Doings were similar to those of this Town THEREFORE they understood that they were invited to ADOPT the same Principles, & therefore they were thus invited to adopt them.
Example #3
Quid toties unum exemplum de sexcentis exagitant?
Example #4
Redire ad mentem haeresiarcha noluit: periit.
Example #5
But the extraordinary circumstance was spread everywhere, with all due amplifications, and thousands flocked to the wharfinger's yard to witness the effects of spontaneous combustion.
Example #6
The bed, with her remains lying in the centre, even the curtains of the bed, were all brought on shore, and locked up in an outhouse.