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Definition of Neon

  • a colorless odorless gaseous element that give a red glow in a vacuum tube; one of the six inert gasses; occurs in the air in small amounts

How to use neon in a sentence. Neon pronunciation.

Hicetas, now assisted by a Carthaginian force under Magon, attacked Ortygia, but was defeated by the Corinthian Neon, who acquired Achradina, and joined it by a wall to Ortygia.
We were north of Chinatown, at the part where it starts to become North Beach, a neighborhood with a bunch of neon strip clubs and the legendary City Lights counterculture bookstore, where the Beat poetry movement had been founded back in the 1950s.
Scott carried his briefcase, laptop computer and garment bag through the crowded terminal and made a left to the men's room next to the new blue neon bar.
Uneasiness was like a neon sign flashing in his mind.
Associated Words: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ether, aërology, aërologist, aërometry, aëroscopy, aërometer, aërography, aëriferous, aërodynamics, aërial, aërophobia, azote, barograph, barometer, cyanometry, hermetic, hermetically, meteorology, ozone, neon, pneumatic, aërator, pneumatics, pneumotherapy, hygrometry, pneumatology, xenon, ventilator, aërostat, ariel, aëronautics, aëronautical. air, n. melody, tune, descant, aria, song; publicity, vent; appearance, look, bearing, mien, demeanor, aspect, deportment; semblance, style. air, v. ventilate; aërate, aërify; display, expose, flaunt. airhole, n. vent, vent hole, bung, spile hole; spiracle. airiness, n. aëriality, unsubstantiality; gayety, vivacity, buoyancy, sprightliness.

Examples of Neon

Example #1
But Magon now distrusted Hicetas, and suddenly withdrew his army.
Example #2
Timoleon, in possession of Ortygia, with its numerous stores, found himself able to organize a considerable force to oppose the Carthaginians who sought to get possession of the fortress.
Example #3
In the war it was humanity that showed itself to advantage,-the leaders were prompted and corrected by the intuitions of the people, they still demanding the more generous and decisive measure, and giving their sons and their estates as we had no example before.
Example #4
But all these sayings and superstitions are vanity in the sight of God.
Example #5
Drinks were poured especially fast in the National Airport Bar.
Example #6
A melting pot that echoed the days of Ellis Island.