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Definition of Nerveless

  • Destitute of nerves.
  • Destitute of strength or of courage; wanting vigor; weak; powerless.

How to use nerveless in a sentence. Nerveless pronunciation.

So there I sat in the dingle upon my stone, nerveless and hopeless, by whatever cause or causes that state had been produced-there I sat with my head leaning upon my hand, and so I continued a long, long time.
Saxe raised his arms, which had felt nerveless the moment before, took a fresh hold, and began to climb desperately.
She had seen her but once before, but she knew at a glance the worn, wrinkled face; and, as if a picture of the scene hung before her, she saw that old, queer form, leaning trustfully on the strong arm, lying nerveless now, being carefully helped through the pushing throng-being reverently cared for as if she had been his mother; and _she_, looking after the two, had wondered if she should ever see them again.
The letter dropped from Sadie's nerveless fingers.
Me, I kill that dam-" He did not say any more, and the six-shooter he had levelled at Luck dropped from his nerveless hand like a coiled adder, Annie-Many-Ponies had struck.
I could feel my blood gather around my heart, leaving me cold and nerveless.
The book dropped from Katy's nerveless fingers unnoticed and forgotten till the next day, when Maggie picked it up limp and discolored near the kitchen door.
The mystery, the uncertainty, the hideous significance of that wordless scuffle in the dusty road rendered him nerveless, and he cried out shakingly, like a man in a nightmare.
Nothing seems of value to me where you are not-I am nerveless, senseless, hopeless without you.
Into his soul there occasionally shot gleams of sunshine, but his nerveless hands refused to do the bidding of his brain.
The sallow skin, thin curling locks, nerveless hands, and unmeaning eyes are upon the walls of every gallery of Christendom-matchless specimens of the power to sink self, and reveal the subject.
His nerveless right hand still grasped the Winchester with which he had evidently made a sturdy fight when stricken down.
A noble peace was upon it, and the eyes were like lamps of dusky fire, as though they held all the strength of the nerveless body.
Cumner's Son stood abashed at first to see this angelic head, so full of light and life, like nothing he had ever seen, and the nerveless, moveless body, like a flower with no roots.
What pleasure this meeting gave to us and to the trader-for such he was, those only can know who have sailed these Southern Seas through long and nerveless tropic days, and have lived, as this man did with his wife and child, for months never seeing a white face, and ever in danger of an attack from cannibal tribes, who, when apparently most disposed to amity, are really planning a massacre.
At his familiar signal he heard the clatter of a dish, dropped from nerveless fingers, he heard a startled voice cry out his name, then he pressed the latch and entered, smiling.
Their arms appeared to be nerveless; their faces became haggard, their persons emaciated, their spirits wholly sunk; nature was so completely overcome, that from mere exhaustion they frequently fell asleep during their painful and almost ceaseless exertions.
The pistol dropped from his nerveless grasp, thudding gently on the carpet, and, with his fingers crooked paralytically, he stood swaying... and looking into the face of MR.
My will was nerveless, when I contemplated Time, which stretched before me-a vague, limitless sea; and I only kept Endeavor in view, near enough to be tormented.
Her handkerchief was crumpled in her nerveless hand; I drew it away and thrust it into my bosom.

Examples of Nerveless

Example #1
At last I lifted my head from my hand, and began to cast anxious, unquiet looks about the dingle-the entire hollow was now enveloped in deep shade-I cast my eyes up; there was a golden gleam on the tops of the trees which grew towards the upper parts of the dingle; but lower down, all was gloom and twilight-yet, when I first sat down on my stone, the sun was right above the dingle, illuminating all its depths by the rays which it cast perpendicularly down-so I must have sat a long, long time upon my stone.
Example #2
I had never entirely recovered from the effects of its poison, but had occasionally, especially at night, been visited by a grinding pain in the stomach, and my whole body had been suffused with cold sweat; and indeed these memorials of the drow {71} have never entirely disappeared-even at the present time they display themselves in my system, especially after much fatigue of body and excitement of mind.
Example #3
Saxe said nothing, but seated himself twenty feet farther up the rock, with his heels planted in the same way as the guide's, and letting the rope pass through his hands as it was gathered into rings.
Example #4
A tug at the rope roused him, and brought him back to himself, just as Dale was pressing forward into the gash in the rock, ready to seize him as he fell.
Example #5
Now she stood in the presence of them both, yet what an unmeasurable ocean rolled between them!
Example #6
By whose friendly hands she had been permitted to enter, Ester did not stop to wonder.