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Definition of Neuropathic

  • Of or pertaining to neuropathy; of the nature of, or suffering from, nervous disease.

How to use neuropathic in a sentence. Neuropathic pronunciation.

No one has rendered so well as he the high-strung, neuropathic women of the upper class, who neither understand themselves nor are wholly comprehensible to others.
Camby relates the case of a neuropathic woman of thirty-eight, two of whose children were killed by lightning in her presence.
Crocker speaks of a rare form which he entitles neuropathic plica, and cites two cases, one reported by Le Page whose specimen is in the Royal College of Surgeons Museum; and the other was in a Hindoo described by Pestonji.
They parted after a short time, she going her way as a writer of novels that were very different from her earlier ones, while Feuillet grew more and more cynical and even stern, as he lashed the abnormal, neuropathic men and women about him.
In fact this big, nervous child, whose mind had been so grievously impressed by her accident, was unable to forget it; her attention remained fixed on the part where she suffered, and she could not divert it, so that, even after cure, her sufferings had continued-a neuropathic state, a consecutive nervous exhaustion, doubtless aggravated by accidents due to faulty nutrition as yet imperfectly understood.

Examples of Neuropathic

Example #1
In 'Monsieur de Camors', crowned by the Academy, he has yielded to the demands of a stricter realism.
Example #2
Yet as the accredited painter of the Faubourg Saint-Germain he contributed an essential element to the development of realistic fiction.
Example #3
This child, who was of Russian descent, was said never to perspire.
Example #4
Up to the eleventh month she was nursed by her mother, and subsequently fed on cabbage, milk, and vegetable soup.
Example #5
A man of extraordinary strength sometimes finds peculiar stone, so stratified that he is able to break it with the force he can exert by a blow from the hand alone, although a man of ordinary strength would try in vain.
Example #6
The Lancet describes a case in which the husband's nausea and vomiting, as well as that of the wife, began and ended simultaneously.