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How to use never in a sentence. Never pronunciation.

She spent the most of her childhood in the convent of Argenteuil -never heard of Argenteuil before, but suppose there was really such a place.
For twelve years she never heard of Abelard -never even heard his name mentioned.
To ordinary acquaintances retain the utmost reserve- -never allowing them to read your feelings, not, on the other hand, attempting to take any liberties with them.
Whether the devil had her in hand I don't know, but from that instant that woman has humored my every whim, complied with all my demands -never for one moment has she given me cause to suspect her!-" "That is supremely clever!" said Carabine to Madame Nourrisson, who nodded in sign of assent.

Examples of Never

Example #1
She then returned to her uncle, the old gun, or son of a gun, as the case may be, and he taught her to write and speak Latin, which was the language of literature and polite society at that period.
Example #2
Suffice it, then, that Heloise lived with her uncle the howitzer and was happy.
Example #3
She had become prioress of Argenteuil and led a life of complete seclusion.
Example #4
Heloise entered a convent and gave good-bye to the world and its pleasures for all time.
Example #5
A certain degree of reserve, or the appearance of it, should be maintained in your intercourse with your most intimate friends.
Example #6
They make your company a _bore_ to all your friends; and some kind-hearted creature will take advantage of them and _trot_ you, for the amusement of the company.