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In practical affairs he was shrewd and active; he never-as poor Hood might have testified-paid a man in his employ a penny more than there was need, and fell far short of the departed Dagworthy's generosity; to be at his mercy in a pecuniary transaction was to expect and to receive none.
Never Never,"-as the Australians call their _terra incognita_; and I was wrestling with a gigantic cannibal chief for the possession of two delicately-reared English girls, who were in his power.
Never-as long as he can see.
By taking them both together, and never one without the other; and by taking them, also, in the order in which you find them, and never-as too many do-the second before the first.

Examples of Never-a

Example #1
For all that, there was something in the man which hinted at qualities beneath the surface; a glance, a tone, now and then, which seemed on the point of revealing a hidden humanity.
Example #2
His son had doubtless advanced the character of the stock, and, putting aside the breeding of dogs, possessed many tastes of which the old man had no notion; none the less, he was credited with not a little of his father's spirit in business.
Example #3
Scores of other savages squatted before us, their repulsive faces aglow with interest and excitement.
Example #4
The weird, unexplored land stretches away on every side, though one could not see much of it on account of the grassy hillocks.
Example #5
But did they open out for poor Errington?
Example #6
M. Oh, this is childish!