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For never-be it spoken by their husbands' leave and favour-had I enjoyment yet of an honest woman.
The hand which here transcribes this most transcendant utterance has written before now many lines in verse and in prose to the honour and glory of Christopher Marlowe: it has never-be the humble avowal thus blushingly recorded-it has never set down as the writer's opinion that he was only an AEschylus.
You are right in thinking that you will never-be a strong man again.

Examples of Never-be

Example #1
Marry then, in God's name, quoth Pantagruel.
Example #2
Yet seeing I can no more want a wife than a blind man his staff-(for) the funnel must be in agitation, without which manner of occupation I cannot live-were it not a great deal better for me to apply and associate myself to some one honest, lovely, and virtuous woman, than as I do, by a new change of females every day, run a hazard of being bastinadoed, or, which is worse, of the great pox, if not of both together.
Example #3
Sophocles, said a learned member, was the proper parallel to Shakespeare among the ancient tragedians: AEschylus-hear, O heaven, and give ear, O earth!-_AEschylus was only a Marlowe_.
Example #4
In other words, it has never registered as my deliberate and judicial verdict the finding that he was only the equal of the greatest among all tragic and all prophetic poets; of the man who combined all the light of the Greeks with all the fire of the Hebrews; who varied at his will the revelation of the single gift of Isaiah with the display of the mightiest among the manifold gifts of Shakespeare.
Example #5
And after all, it can only be a little sooner or later with you now.
Example #6
Wait a day or two more before you make your plans to go, and then, if it is possible for you to have your wish, you shall have it, and all shall be made as easy and safe for you as it can possibly be made.