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How to use never in a sentence. Never pronunciation.

Who are they?’ ‘Did you never hear of the great Welsh preacher, Peter Williams?’ ‘Never,’ said I. ‘Well,’ said the girl, ‘this is he, and Winifred is his wife, and a nice person she is.
The Catholics.’ ‘And do those whom you call Catholics never persecute?’ said I. ‘Never,’ said the man in black.
Twigger, you villain!’ said Nicholas Tulrumble, quite forgetting his dignity, ‘go back.’ ‘Never,’ said Ned.

Examples of Never

Example #1
Some people say, indeed, that she is as good a preacher as her husband, though of that matter I can say nothing, having never heard her preach.
Example #2
There are two or three things which I do not know, and this is one of them.
Example #3
I have no fault to find with the steeples, it is the Church itself which I am compelled to arraign; but it will not stand long, the respectable part of its ministers are already leaving it.
Example #4
Down with it, I say, and may the stones of it be used for mending the roads, as my friend William says in his “Register.”’ The man in black, with a courteous nod of his head, drank to the man in the snuff-coloured coat.
Example #5
The intermediate space is divided into several paved yards, in which the prisoners take such air and exercise as can be had in such a place.
Example #6
It is necessary to explain here, that the buildings in the prison, or in other words the different wards—form a square, of which the four sides abut respectively on the Old Bailey, the old College of Physicians (now forming a part of Newgate-market), the Sessions-house, and Newgate-street.