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How to use never in a sentence. Never pronunciation.

Above all,” he writes, “never force your subjects to change their religion.
And then that common saying, “Never now, nor through the ages, never any woman dumb.
I was angry with myself, and, putting my arm around her slender waist, I laid my cheek against hers and said soothingly, “Never mind, darling!
For it would be absurd, in the present edition, to chronicle solemnly the rectification of mere misprints like “H_o_xton” for “H_e_xton”, or the change from “was never” to “never was”.
He informed me that he did not feel himself at liberty to relate what had passed between himself and Professor Pumpkinskull, but had no objection to state that it was connected with a matter of police regulation, and added with peculiar significance “Never wos sitch times!

Examples of Never

Example #1
No human power can reach the impenetrable recess of the free will of the heart.
Example #2
This letter not only reflects the sentiments of his own heart, but formularizes in this particular the decrees of the Church, of which he was a distinguished ornament.
Example #3
Of course I’m well enough aware you men think us women are a bother; yes, awful chatterboxes-that’s the name we all have, and (_ruefully_) it fits.
Example #4
Brother, I do hope you’ll believe I say this out of my loyalty to you and for your welfare, as a true sister should.
Example #5
I declare, if there weren’t tears gathering in her gentle blue eyes!
Example #6
I could not get on with her mother; and here I was, before our summer holiday was over, and before we had settled down to that home life in which trouble and annoyance must needs come, getting out of patience and saying cruel things; and there was Bessie, sitting in the summer twilight with a light shawl drawn over her shoulders, pouting her pretty lips with vexation, and digging the toes of her little boots into the balustrade in front of us, because I had expressed a pious wish that her mother was in Jericho.