Never-never-never in a sentence

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How to use never-never-never in a sentence. Never-never-never pronunciation.

I will never-never-NEVER give you up.
The old love of liberty (alone left me) became a crime; I plunged into the gloom of the forest, a robber-chief, sparing-no, never-never-never one York captain, one spurred knight, one belted lord!

Examples of Never-never-never

Example #1
And you mustn't give me up, will you, darling?
Example #2
I don't care if they take me to the ends of the earth, I shall NEVER forget you.
Example #3
When thy hand struck the spurs from my heel, when thou didst parade me through the booting crowd to this solitary cell, then, Warwick, I forgave thee, and prayed to Heaven for pardon for thee, if thou didst wrong me,-for myself, if a king's fault had deserved a subject's harshness.
Example #4
But the poor, my Saxon countrymen, they had suffered, and were safe!