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She vaguely heard the rattle of a buggy-Christine's-as it passed the house, and her thoughts drifted into a new-discovered hemisphere where life was all a somnolent sort of joy and bodily love.
Whereby they climb so gaily to the heights, And gaze upon their new-discovered worlds.
O wretched man! who madest thyself a voluntary instrument to carry into a new-discovered world that hellish tribunal?
And now, from England and the Netherlands, from Germany and Geneva, and those poor Vaudois shepherd-saints, whose bones for generations past "Lie scattered on the Alpine mountains cold;" to be, indeed, the seed of the Church, and a germ of new life, liberty, and civilization, even in these very days returning good for evil to that Piedmont which has hunted them down like the partridges on the mountains;-from all of Europe, from all of mankind, I had almost said, in which lay the seed of future virtue and greatness, of the destinies of the new-discovered world, and the triumphs of the coming age of science, arose a shout of holy joy, such as the world had not heard for many a weary and bloody century; a shout which was the prophetic birth-paean of North America, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, of free commerce and free colonization over the whole earth.

Examples of New-discovered

Example #1
She was roused at last by a song which came floating across the fields.
Example #2
She sat down in a chair, the trance of the passionate moment still on her, and began to brood.
Example #3
You will not find me there.
Example #4
When you descend, Look for me in the darkness at the foot Of those high cliffs, under the drifted leaves.
Example #5
Tremble and shake when thou thinkest that every murder the Inquisitors have committed, every torture they have inflicted on the innocent Indians, is originally owing to thee.
Example #6
Is it the name of the Inquisition, or the name of Guatimozin, that troubles and affrights thee?