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How to use nilss in a sentence. Nilss pronunciation.

Nils's father, who was a poor charcoal-burner, could never afford to make his son such a present, even if he worked until he was as black as a chimney-sweep.
Though he regarded Nils's desire to record the Nixy's strains as absurd, he offered to teach him to play.
But the thought in Nils's mind during all the ceremony in the church and in the parsonage was this: "Now, perhaps, I shall be good enough to win the Nixy's favor.
They thought first of sending a delegation of four or five men that very morning, but finally determined to march up to Nils's cottage in a body and demand the boy.

Examples of Nilss

Example #1
For what little money he earned was needed at once for food and clothes for the family; and there were times when they were obliged to mix ground birch-bark with their flour in order to make it last longer.
Example #2
It was small consolation for Nils to know that there was no watch but only a key attached to it; for a silver watch-chain, even without a watch, was a sufficiently splendid possession to justify a boy in fording it over his less fortunate comrades.
Example #3
There was good stuff in the lad, he thought, and when he had out-grown his fantastic nonsense, he might, very likely, make a good fiddler.
Example #4
For he was moved to confide in the schoolmaster, who was a kindly old man, and fond of clever boys; and he became interested in Nils.
Example #5
He received much praise from the pastor, and no one envied him the kind words that were addressed to him; for every one felt that they were deserved.
Example #6
Gentle as he was and soft-spoken, there was a manly spirit in him, and that always commands respect among boys.