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How to use nimblest in a sentence. Nimblest pronunciation.

She does a lot of things well,—takes cups in golf tournaments and is the nimblest hand at tennis you ever saw.
Meanwhile we had arriv'd Far as the mountain's foot, and there the rock Found of so steep ascent, that nimblest steps To climb it had been vain.
Let us see whose feet are nimblest.
However, you are a wise rascal, the nimblest wit of all the Æsir, and it is better to have you on my side than on the other, when giants are in the game.
The nimblest of the nymphs sprang to her feet from the lounging and crouching circle about Westover.
Her nimblest course through all the briny way.
The nimblest got into the sloop, others betook themselves to swimming; but as for myself, I was still upon the island when it disappeared into the sea, and I had only time to catch hold of a piece of wood that we had brought out of the ship to make a fire.
His voice was the loudest at the corn-shucking, his foot was the nimblest at the plantation frolics, his row was the straightest and the cleanest in the cotton-patch, his hand was the firmest on the carriage-seat, his arm was the strongest at the log-rolling.
You are the lightest and the nimblest, so lead on, and I will follow.
And Galliard-actuated by the same motives grew reminiscent whenever Joseph paused and let his nimble tongue-even nimblest at a table amuse those present, or seem to amuse them, by a score of drolleries.
He opens the sitting-room door, but instead of seeing his wife, as he expected, stitching with the nimblest of fingers by the light of one candle, he finds her dispensing with the light of a candle altogether.
This also Achilles offered as a new prize, to be contended for, in honour of his companion, whoever should be the nimblest on swift feet; for the second, again, he proposed an ox, large and luxuriant in fat; and for the last he staked half a talent of gold.

Examples of Nimblest

Example #1
Also, she’s a fine musician and plays the organ tremendously.
Example #2
Not that I ever heard of!
Example #3
The most remote Most wild untrodden path, in all the tract 'Twixt Lerice and Turbia were to this A ladder easy' and open of access.
Example #4
And then he bent Downwards his forehead, and in troubled mood Broke off his speech.
Example #5
Then they went out to the garden; and the merchant princes said: "Heroes, run races with us.
Example #6
How they stand now like Giants, or Titans, or Immortals come down from Olympus, though many a winter has worn them, and many a fearful storm.