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How to use nine-gallon in a sentence. Nine-gallon pronunciation.

At fifteen miles, we passed the place where the nine-gallon keg of water had been buried on the 5th January.
I don't know but what it 'ull be Ted as 'ull ha' to pay for th' nine-gallon cask.
Captain Tobias paused in the act of picking up the nine-gallon jar.
There was beer in a nine-gallon jar, and cider in another.

Examples of Nine-gallon

Example #1
Upon digging it up, and taking out the bung, the water appeared discoloured and offensive in smell.
Example #2
February 28.-As we had a long distance to travel to the next water, and the sheep could not keep pace with the horses, I left the overseer and two natives to bring the latter after us, whilst I and the younger boy set off with the sheep.
Example #3
With this professional sally she retired.
Example #4
Thomas Alty, remarking in an undertone that his Betty would be coming to look for him if he didn't make haste home, withdrew also, after a good-humoured nod to the friend who had treated him; for, as Mrs. Alty invariably impounded Tom's wage, it was only when he met with a crony in a generous humour that he visited the Thornleigh Arms.
Example #5
Here!-" to the porter who stood checking the articles deposited-"this goes into hold wi' the rest.
Example #6
Captain Tobias called up the porters, and after consultation it was decided to convert the goods-shed into a cloak-room for housing the bulk of his luggage, but to send on his sea-chest and the birdcage by wheelbarrow to his lodgings.