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How to use no-never in a sentence. No-never pronunciation.

His father was old, and yet not old; no-never! "Quite," muttered Val.
No-never did he set foot here.
No-never, for the sake of heaven above us, breathe it, or think of it.

Examples of No-never

Example #1
I don't know what'll become of him, if he goes on like this.
Example #2
But it was only a flash.
Example #3
All this is not the work o' shipwracked people.
Example #4
It's some festive picnickers, engaged in whilin away a few pleasant summer days.
Example #5
His last words, however, startled her, when she considered the vehement manner in which he uttered them.
Example #6
Ellen was touched by his sincerity, as well as by the tone of manly sorrow with which he spoke.