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How to use nobil in a sentence. Nobil pronunciation.

He gart ilk juge redres the skaithis that come to the party be his wrang sentence; throw quhilk, he decorit his realm with mony nobil actis, and ejeckit the vennomus custome of riotus cheir, quhilk wes inducit afore be Inglismen, quhen thay com with Quene Margaret; for the samin wes noisum to al gud maneris, makand his pepil tender and effeminat.
Lieti e miseri padri il ciel ne feo, Il ciel, die degne di più nobil sorte L' una e l' altra veggendo, ambe chiedeo.
Lord’s maist nobil progenitours, for the stanching of maisterful and idle beggars, away putting of Sornares, and provision for the pure: bearing that nane sall be thoiled to beg, nouther to burgh, nor to land, betwixt 14 and 70 zeires.

Examples of Nobil

Example #1
In the fourt yeir of his regne, this nobill prince come to visie the madin Castell of Edinburgh.
Example #2
He had na weris during the time of King Hary; and wes so pietuous, that he sat daylie in judgement, to caus his pure commonis to have justice; and causit the actionis of his noblis to be decidit be his othir jugis.
Example #3
Sonetto composto in nome di un genitore, a cui era motta poco innanzi una figlia appena maritata: e diretto al genitore della sacra sposa.
Example #4
And each did well in his degree.
Example #5
And fra they have not quhairupon to live of their awin, that their eares be nayled to the trone, or to an uther tree, and their eares cutted off, and banished the countrie; and gif thereafter they be found againe, that they be hanged.
Example #6
The severe statute of 5th Eliz.