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Two factions in the state aroused the cardinal's ire-one the Huguenots, and the other the nobles-for both threatened the autocracy which he was bent upon erecting.
Yet, on the contrary, there were some who alleged that true Lacedaemonians-Lacedaemonian nobles-for their protection against the "effeminacies" of culture, were denied all knowledge of reading and writing.
The youthful nobles-for such they were-who had just come in, were laughing loudly; and their jests were chiefly at the expense of the old usurer, whose marriage they had been invited to attend.

Examples of Nobles-for

Example #1
Both factions suffered defeat and humiliation at his hands.
Example #2
He energetically aided Louis XIII in organizing and equipping what proved to be the best army in Europe.
Example #3
And there was another sort of romancing also, quite opposite to this of Plato, concerning the hard ways among themselves of those Lacedaemonians who were so invincible in the field.
Example #4
What was actually known of that stern place, of the Lacedaemonians at home, at school, had charmed into fancies about it other philosophic theorists; Xenophon for instance, who had little or nothing of romantic tendency about them.
Example #5
After looking round for a moment, as if in search of some one to direct them whither to go, the foremost of them clapped his hands, whereupon the thick curtains which, in lieu of a door, guarded the entrance to the other room, were drawn aside, and disclosed a group of persons collected together within that chamber.
Example #6
Without exposing herself, Aveline was enabled, through the folds of the tapestry, to command a view of what was going forward.