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He at last told the non-paying trustees that he must have his money, as he was suffering for the necessaries of life.
It was not yet enclosed by the fence which was to hide its wonders from the non-paying public, but March and Kenby went in through an archway where the gate-money was as effectually collected from them as if they were barred every other entrance.

Examples of Non-paying

Example #1
And of another, a Methodist minister in Kansas, living on a small salary, who was greatly troubled to get his quarterly instalment.
Example #2
On February 5th, 1865, President Lincoln formulated a message to Congress, proposing the payment of $400,000,000 to the South as compensation for slaves lost by emancipation, and submitted it to his Cabinet, only to be unanimously rejected.
Example #3
The wooden building was easily distinguishable from the other edifices because these were tents and booths still less substantial.
Example #4
It was in a pleasant neighborhood of new villas such as form the modern quarter of every German city, and the Volksfest was even more unfinished than its environment.