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The coal scuttle is made to proclaim causal relation between the self in effort and the not-self in response more satisfactorily than the rag doll; and the manifest glee over the contortions of the playful father whose hand is slapped is not innate cruelty but the delight of successful experiment in causation.
Mere _feeling_, when attentively considered, is found to contain these wonderful features of self-activity: it reproduces for itself the external world that limits it; it makes for itself an ideal object, which includes its own self and its not-self at the same time.
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Examples of Not-self

Example #1
So of the noise and bluster, the building and destruction, the teasing and torture so often perpetrated by the boy.
Example #2
Even the infant revels in this testimony, preferring crude and noisy playthings of proportion to the innocent nerve-sparing devices which the adult tries to foist upon him.
Example #3
It is a higher form than mere nutrition; for nutrition destroys the nature of such externality as it receives into itself, while feeling preserves the external in its foreign individuality.
Example #4
It is beyond the limit, and ought to be assimilated within the limited individuality of the animal.
Example #5
The strength, energy, fame and achievements of the man who makes gifts of food, constantly increase in the three worlds, O king.
Example #6
Hence the wise should make gifts of food.