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How to use not-still in a sentence. Not-still pronunciation.

But faint not, fear not-still have trust; Your voices are heard, and your claims are just.
See one poor girl, all terror and alarm, Has fondly seized upon her lover's arm; "Thou shalt not venture;" and he answers "No! I will not:"-still she cries, "Thou shalt not go.
He was not-still he was not-quite beyond redemption.

Examples of Not-still

Example #1
England to England's self is true, And "God and the People" will help you through.
Example #2
Sad are the sights for human eyes, In fireless homes, 'neath wintry skies; Where wrinkles gather on childhood's skin, And youth's "clemm'd" cheek is pallid and thin; Where the good, the honest-unclothed, unfed, Child, mother, and father, are craving for bread!
Example #3
In this sad night is piercing like the squall; They feel their kinds of power, and when they meet, Chide, fondle, weep, dare, threaten, or entreat.
Example #4
No need of this; not here the stoutest boat Can through such breakers, o'er such billows float, Yet may they view these lights upon the beach, Which yield them hope whom help can never reach.
Example #5
If only-ah, if only-she could have gone to Burke with the whole story!
Example #6
There yet remained a chance for Guy.