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One more note-no more, no less-at the end of the crescendo could tie the symphony together and end it.
NOTE.-"No candidate will be accepted in English whose work is notably defective in spelling, punctuation, idiom or division into paragraphs."-_Extract from the University Catalogue.
For it is not five minutes since I received Mrs. Cole's note-no, it cannot be more than five-or at least ten-for I had got my bonnet and spencer on, just ready to come out-I was only gone down to speak to Patty again about the pork-Jane was standing in the passage-were not you, Jane?-for my mother was so afraid that we had not any salting-pan large enough.
Within the Hours that I unlock All customed fetters fall; The chains of drudgery release; Set limits fade; horizons cease For you who hear the call No trumpet note-no roll of drums, But quiet, sure and sweet- The self-same voice that summoned Drake, The whisper for whose siren sake They manned the Devon fleet, More lawless than the gray gull's wait, More boundless than the sea, More subtle than the softest wind!

Examples of Note-no

Example #1
As though-as though-" Longtree sighed.
Example #2
But I've got to win first prize at the festival tomorrow; Redsand promised to marry me if I did.
Example #3
IV How did Burke's plan of conciliation with the colonies differ from other plans?
Example #4
III Trace the successive steps by which Brutus was won to the conspiracy.
Example #5
So I said I would go down and see, and Jane said, 'Shall I go down instead? for I think you have a little cold, and Patty has been washing the kitchen.'-'Oh!
Example #6
Emma had not had time even to think of Mr. Elton, and she was so completely surprized that she could not avoid a little start, and a little blush, at the sound.