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How to use now-alway in a sentence. Now-alway pronunciation.

She is tending baby now,-always does while I am in the shop.
She recognised the sharp pain, the almost unconscious pulling back on the sudden edge of a dim pit, as something that would always be with her now-always.
Has two maids now-always one in the room, night and day.

Examples of Now-alway

Example #1
I first learned your change of residence from her, and thought I would come and see you, and be introduced to the baby,-a boy, I understand?
Example #2
Of course, you have seen Miss Travers, and she told you.
Example #3
One knows that in the second stage of a great intimacy one's essential loneliness is only redoubled by close companionship.
Example #4
There was the stranger who had come to her now and would not again depart.
Example #5
Never was out of the sight of somebody in her life.
Example #6
Had three nurses, and it was the business of one of them, in turn, to keep an eye on her.