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How to use now-oh in a sentence. Now-oh pronunciation.

But now-oh, now the days had begun to grow cold, the trees were bare, the birds had flown to the south, and her friends had all gone away.
In the bank she had a few dollars but they had soon fled and now-oh, what could she do?
We used to be so lonely and cold and hungry, and now-oh, just think what you have done for us!

Examples of Now-oh

Example #1
Here and there a family was left in the farmhouses that dotted the little, winding road but none of them were people for whom she cared.
Example #2
And when the people had gone, there were the wonderful colors in the trees, the gorgeous sunsets in the sky, the fun of the harvest time and still the life in the country was full of wonder and satisfaction.
Example #3
The way was so black ahead.
Example #4
Then came the strike-and she was out of work.
Example #5
Please let me say just these words.
Example #6
Becky feels just as thankful as I do-it is all just as beautiful and wonderful to her as it is to me.