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How to use now-something in a sentence. Now-something pronunciation.

Even then I did not for long give up hope of his coming back, I know now-something tells me-indeed, it seems his spirit tells me-he was lost.
The effect seems to have been just the same that it produces upon my daughter now,-something that suggested brain-congestion and convulsions.
It is something to have known youth and gayety, enthusiasm and a bravery which flies in the face of day, and now-something to have lost them.
You said too,-just now-something about-a sign, I think?" Uncle Felix added shyly.

Examples of Now-something

Example #1
But I don't have that feeling for Yaqui and his party.
Example #2
That was years before I reached the southwest border and heard of him.
Example #3
Yellowlees speaks of homicide by a somnambulist.
Example #4
Luce speaks of a pregnant woman who was horned in the lower part of the abdomen by a cow, and had a subsequent protrusion of the intestines through the wound.
Example #5
The Lark_ has lived and now dies well, and, to some at least, the time of its irregular appearance will no longer be a red-letter day.
Example #6
The Lark_ has ceased publication.