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Following his convictions, and the advice of a faithful but very cautious clergyman, he betook himself to the territories of Prussia, where, on the 17th of January, 1855, he was received into the national church at Petershain, by Dr. Nowotny, himself formerly a Bohemian priest.
He managed, through some monks who secretly sympathized with him, to get a letter conveyed occasionally to Dr. Nowotny.

Examples of Nowotny

Example #1
This was not done till great efforts had been made to induce him to change his purpose, and also to get his person into the power of his adversaries.
Example #2
He might still have remained in the Order, his life hid with Christ in God, had not the hierarchy, under pretence of making reforms and restoring the neglected statutes of the Order, brought in such changes for the worse as led him to resolve to leave the order, and the Romish church as well.
Example #3
These letters were filled with painful details of the severities practised upon him.
Example #4
He was not allowed to see his brother, confined in the same convent, nor other friends, and was so sequestered in his cell as to make him feel that he was forgotten by all the world.