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He was authorized to administer the oath of office, he said, and he proceeded to do it, and made them a speech besides; also he sent out notice to some of the neighbors-to Col. Bill Splawn, Farmer Nuck Matson, and others-that the community had an army on its hands and perhaps ought to do something for it.
But Lieutenant Clemens never got any farther than Nuck Matson's farm-house.
Paullini and the Ephemerides give instances of milk appearing in the perspiration, and there are numerous varieties of milk-metastasis recorded Dolaeus and Nuck mention the appearance of milk in the saliva.

Examples of Nuck

Example #1
This brought in a number of contributions, provisions, paraphernalia, and certain superfluous horses and mules, which converted the battalion into a cavalry, and made it possible for it to move on to the front without further delay.
Example #2
Colonel Ralls, of Ralls County, however, received them cordially and made life happier for them with a good breakfast and some encouraging words.
Example #3
His ankle was so painful by that time that Mrs. Matson had him put to bed, where he stayed for several weeks, recovering from the injury and stress of war.
Example #4
Next morning, when Colonel Splawn had given them a good breakfast, the army set out for New London.
Example #5
In 1824 there is quoted the description of a peculiar growth which, though not definitely described, may be spoken of here.
Example #6
Autenreith mentions metastasis of milk through an abdominal abscess to the thigh, and Balthazaar also mentions excretion of milk from the thigh.