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It is said there was a great Deficiency in Numbers-and General Schuyler tells us that a third Part of the Army there were Boys Negroes and aged Men not fit for the Field or indeed any other Service, that a great Part of them were naked, without Blanketts, ill armed & very deficient in Accoutrements.
Superfluous population was a question that came to consciousness early; Aristotle spoke of legislation to prevent the increase of population and the physical and mental deterioration of the race,-he believed in a population fixed as regards numbers,-and later Lycurgus transformed these precepts into a terrible law.
They had grown, too, since their last appearance, both in size and numbers-and for a moment a shade of annoyance went over his face.

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Such is the Picture he draws.
Example #2
The Troops orderd for the Defence of that Post were chiefly from New England.
Example #3
When the nares were plugged blood escaped freely from the eyes.
Example #4
Strabonius reports that the inhabitants of Cathea brought their infants at the age of two months before a magistrate for inspection.
Example #5
Details of business always did annoy him!
Example #6
There were certain bills he owed-forgotten to be sure in normal times-but now they came up blinking to the light, rudely disinterred by Mr. Steadman's hard words.