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How to use ohiggin in a sentence. Ohiggin pronunciation.

Messrs. Harper & Brothers, for permission to quote from “From the Life, Imaginary Portraits of Some Distinguished Americans,” by Harvey O’Higgins.
Conklin, C. J. Keyser, J. Loeb, E. S. Mead, H. O’Higgins, W. Polakov, J. H. Robinson, R. B. Wolf, for their kind permission to quote them, I wish to express my sincere appreciation.
Here I may quote a characteristic of life as expressed by one of the “heroes” of my esteemed friend Harvey O’Higgins, in his book, _From the __ Life, Imaginary Portraits of Some Distinguished Americans_ (Harper, N. Y.).

Examples of Ohiggin

Example #1
Messrs. D. Appleton & Company, for permission to quote from “Corporation Finance,” by E. S. Mead.
Example #2
Sons, New York and London, for permission to quote from “Organism as a Whole” and “Physiology of the Brain,” by Jacques Loeb.
Example #3
I wish also to acknowledge the deepest gratitude to my wife, formerly Mira Edgerly, who has found in this discovery of the natural law for the human class of life, the solution of her life long search, and who, because of her interest in my work, has given me incomparably inspiring help and valuable criticism.
Example #4
To all those who have read and criticized the manuscript or helped otherwise—Professors E. H. Moore, C. J. Keyser, J. H. Robinson, Burges Johnson, E. A. Ross, A. Petrunkevitch; and Doctors J. Grove-Korski, Charles P. Steinmetz, J. P. Warbasse; Robert B. Wolf, Vice-President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Champlain L. Riley, Vice-President of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers; Miss Josephine Osborn; to the authors, L. Brandeis, E. G.
Example #5
If only these three words could be scientifically defined, philosophy, law, ethics and psychology would cease to be “private theories” or verbalism and they would advance to the rank and dignity of sciences.
Example #6
There is no justice, there is no morality, in nature or in natural laws; justice and morality are laws only of human society.