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Definition of Oblate

  • Flattened or depressed at the poles; as, the earth is an oblate spheroid.
  • Offered up; devoted; consecrated; dedicated; -- used chiefly or only in the titles of Roman Catholic orders. See Oblate n.
  • One of an association of priests or religious women who have offered themselves to the service of the church. There are three such associations of priests, and one of women, called oblates.
  • One of the Oblati.
  • a lay person dedicated to religious work or the religious life
  • having the equatorial diameter greater than the polar diameter; being flattened at the poles

How to use oblate in a sentence. Oblate pronunciation.

Now, as the world is a globe, or, to speak more accurately, an oblate spheroid, the attempt to make an oblong square its symbol would seem, at first view, to present insuperable difficulties.
The Oblate Fathers, whose church was situated in the very heart of the infected district, continued to denounce vaccination; the faithful were exhorted to rely on devotional exercises of various sorts; under the sanction of the hierarchy a great procession was ordered with a solemn appeal to the Virgin, and the use of the rosary was carefully specified.
At Paris you imagine that the earth is shaped like a melon, or of an oblique figure; at London it has an oblate one.
An oblate spheroid; a figure described by the revolution of an ellipse about its minor axis.
They were just a trifle too far away for her to see them distinctly in the waning light of the dying day, but she knew that they were too large, they were out of proportion to the perfectly proportioned bodies, and they were oblate in form.
THE STROLLING SAINT Being the Confessions of the High & Mighty Agostino D'Anguissola Tyrant of Mondolfo & Lord of Carmina, in the State of Piacenza By Raphael Sabatini CONTENTS BOOK ONE THE OBLATE CHAPTER I. NOMEN ET OMEN II.

Examples of Oblate

Example #1
But the system of masonic symbolism has stood the test of too long an experience to be easily found at fault; and therefore this very symbol furnishes a striking evidence of the antiquity of the order.
Example #2
A square, a circle, a triangle, or any other form but that of an _oblong square_, would be eminently incorrect and unmasonic, because such a figure would not be an expression of the symbolic idea which is intended to be conveyed.
Example #3
The Board of Health struggled against this superstition, and addressed a circular to the Catholic clergy, imploring them to recommend vaccination; but, though two or three complied with this request, the great majority were either silent or openly hostile.
Example #4
For the Chaldean view of creation, see George Smith, Chaldean Account of Genesis, New York, 1876, pp.
Example #5
A Cartesian declares that light exists in the air; but a Newtonian asserts that it comes from the sun in six minutes and a half.
Example #6
According to your Cartesians, everything is performed by an impulsion, of which we have very little notion; and according to Sir Isaac Newton, it is by an attraction, the cause of which is as much unknown to us.